— A Mountain of Pleasures —

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Mountain lodging at La Toussuire, Les Sybelles

You have chosen the mountains as your vacation destination… Then, whatever the season, your desires, your needs: well done!

Because at this altitude, there are many benefits. 

It’s true that we tend to think of « mountain vacations » in winter: the snowy landscapes and the privilege to ski…

But there are many other assets that make the mountains a beautiful vacation destination in spring, summer and fall.

In fact, it doesn’t matter WHEN you are in the mountains… the main thing is that at any time you are IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

savoie , repas savoyard
©Tiphaine Buccino / Sybelles.ski
©Tiphaine Buccino / Sybelles.ski


chalet la Toussuire Les Sybelles

The “Jardin d'Hiver” Chalet

A chalet at your disposal for luxurious vacation. Capacity 14 persons. Swimming pool and Sauna. Winter or summer.

montagne mobilier la toussuire

The “Centaurée” Apartment

An apartment for 8 people in a charming family residence renovated in 2021.

chambre appartement toussuire

The “Sabot de Vénus” Apartment

An apartment for 8 people facing the majestic Aiguilles d'Arves, like if the mountains were in your accommodation.


The “Six de Savoie” Lodge

Opening in December 2023. Loft atmosphere with panoramic view. Lodge Residence family sharing for a successful vacation

For 3 generations, our family of mountain hospitality professionals has heard your wishes and comments!

Arrivée la Toussuire
Premier bâtiment du Col Hotel Toussuire
souvenirs Hotel du Col
résidence appartements location montagne
The first hotel in La Toussuire, the “Hotel du Col”, built by our grandparents Marcel and Alphonsine Collet, has grown and evolved over time into a hotel residence, managed by our parents Jean-Claude and Monique Collet.

That’s why, today, as the third and fourth generation, we are doing everything we can to ensure that you can continue to realize your dreams of an unforgettable vacation.

You’ve already done first step: just thinking about a holiday in the mountains is relaxing in itself, isn’t it?

All you have to do is check that our accommodations can meet your expectations, in terms of number of guests, level of services, dates and, of course, budget.

But don’t worry, if this time we don’t fit your specifications, other renters in La Toussuire will undoubtedly do it.

Bread and traditional cooking
in a wood-fired oven